To be based at the Pepperdine School of Public Policy (with office and meeting space in Malibu, CA, and Washington, DC), we are proud to announce the launch of the “The American Project on the Future of Conservatism” – a two-year effort, which could be grown into an “Institute” with ongoing presence and influence. Year one will be comprised of two phases followed by a single event in year two.

The focus of this initiative will be on content creation - presenting a set of essays responding to an initial set of questions before the conservative movement:

1.    How did we get here? A discussion on the history of conservative thought including past efforts at coalition-building with evaluation of its political impact – positive and negative.

2.    How do we understand principles of citizen formation, federalism and civil society in light of ObamaCare and increased federal regulations?

3.    How do we understand America’s role in the world in an age of terrorism?

4.    How do we understand religious liberty post-Obergefell?

Essays will be sponsored through the Project, and while composed individually, they will be discussed within respective working groups of 4-5 participants at a weekend colloquium here in Malibu planned for May/June. The goal will be to have these essays published either in groups or individually in leading outlets.

Participants will be invited to the Project based on their past work on these questions with a desire to inviting varying perspectives within the conservative movement. Given our priority on promoting the Project’s content, we seek not only scholars, but editors, activists and media to engage in the work of the Project.